Friday, March 7, 2014

Thing 4: Keeping Up

I'm an avid RSS enthusiast, so I have tried out several services since my beloved Google Reader was retired back in July.

Currently, my chosen service of choice is Feedly, which I use on both mobile devices and computers at work and home. I also tried out the Old Reader and Newsblur.

I looked at both Flipboard and Zite and they're not for me. I actually don't prefer the magazine style, and since I already have nearly 300 RSS feeds, I don't feel like I need completely new sets of content.

If my goals with RSS were more social-- sharing content with friends, reading linked content, etc. Flipboard would be my choice over Zite. Since I just want to read the content I've cultivated and collected over the last 9ish years... I'm sticking with Feedly.

Thing 3: Utilities

I'm trying out the StandApp at work this week. That's definitely a goal of mine anyway, and I think the app will be a great way to remember to get up and move more!

In reading other 23 Things blogs, I discovered a utility called MyPermissions that scans other apps to see who has access to your info. I check periodically, but this tool makes it easy to check lots of platforms at once.

I also searched for some others on my own and added Converter Plus, an app that converts things like currency and cooking measurements, and also has "calculators for everyday life", like mortgages.

Thing 2: Mobile Device Tips

I love many of the new features iOS 7 brought to iPad and iPhone. I use the flashlight, accessible in the Control Center by a quick scroll up--even on the lock screen--all the time. This winter, I've used the notification center to get a quick check on travel time from home to work before I've even woken up all the way.

One thing I learned from watching the iPad video was that you can swipe any place on the lock screen to open. That will save some time in storytime!

In the iPhone video, I wasn't aware of the ability to see all the links that have been shared on Twitter in Safari, or that you could search for what someone is saying on Twitter with Siri. I want to make Siri try to pronounce all the names in my contacts so I can correct her too!

One of the new features that I don't like is the easy "Burst mode" method of taking pictures. I end up taking many more pictures than I intend while waiting to capture the right moment during programs. It is easy enough to delete the unwanted ones, but when you're taking pictures throughout an hour-long program, can quickly add up to be a lot of space!